Mid Autumn Festival 2014

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Are you looking forward to this year’s Mid-Autmn Celebration? I definitely am!

I will be at Siglap Linear Park, Swan Lake Avenue open field ( next to Opera Estate Primary School ) tomorrow, 6th September 2014 (Saturday) from 5pm-9pm. Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Member of Parliament for Joo Chiat Constituency, Mr Charles Chong will be hosting the event! Do join me if you have not decided where to go! It will be a fun-filled day with lots of interesting games for the children and yummy food for the adults! Carnival and Flea Market will be starting at 7pm! Tickets at just $3 each which includes a complimentary lantern! Free Shutter Service from 6pm-10pm is also provided to pick you up at different  pick-up points. Please see details at the end of my blog. Do not miss it!!!!! It will be an occasion for outdoor reunions among friends and families to eat mooncakes and watch the full moon which is a symbol of Harmony and Unity. Following that will be the tradition of children carrying their brightly lit lanterns when night falls. Wouldn’t it be fun seeing all the children with their lanterns? What a beautiful sight! I know for sure, my son, Ayden will be loving it!! Please do not forget your picnic mats if you want to sit under the stars with your family to gaze at the gorgeous full moon. You might even see Chang Er on the moon!   :)

Hope to see you you guys tomorrow!!!

Singapore beauty and fashion blogger Adelyne Velvet.jpg

In case some of you who do not celebrate or know about this day, let me share some information about how Mid-Autumn Festival came about.

REFERENCES from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Autumn_Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an official harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people.The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Calendar.

The Chinese have celebrated the harvest during the autumn full moon since the Shang Dynasty (c. 16th to 10th century BCE).Morris Berkowitz, who studied the Hakka people during the 1960s, theorizes that the harvest celebration originally began with worshiping Mountain Gods after the harvest was completed. The celebration as a festival only started to gain popularity during the early Tang Dynasty(618–907 CE). One legend explains that Emperor Xuanzong of Tang started to hold formal celebrations in his palace after having explored the Moon-Palace. The term mid-autumn (中秋) first appeared in Rites of Zhou a written collection of rituals of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BCE).

Empress Dowager Cixi (late 19th century) enjoyed celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival so much that she would spend the period between the thirteenth and seventeenth day of the eighth month staging elaborate rituals.

For the Vietnamese, in its most ancient form, the evening commemorated the dragon who brought rain for the crops.Celebrants would observe the moon to divine the future of the people and harvests. Eventually the celebration came to symbolize a reverence for fertility, with prayers given for bountiful harvests, increase in livestock, and human babies. Over time, the prayers for children evolved into a celebration of children. Confucian scholars continued the tradition of gazing at the moon, but to sip wine and improvise poetry and song.By the early twentieth century in Hanoi, the festival had begun to assume its identity as a children’s festival.




Bus 1
• Swan Lake Ave
• Parkway East Hospital (Bus Stop No: 83159)
• Katong Omega Apt (Bus Stop No: 92131)
• Christ Methodist Church (Bus Stop No: 92151)
• Bus stop after Dunbar Walk (Bus Stop No: 93051)

Bus 2
• Swan Lake Ave
• Near Bethesda Frankel Estate Church (Bus Stop No:83159)
• Nr 81 Frankel Ave (Caltex Petrol Station)
• Greenfield Park playground
• Elite Terrace Park
• Crescendo Building (Bus Stop: 93071)

Bus 3 and 4
• Swan Lake Ave
• Siglap South CC
• Lagoon View (Bus Stop No: B93049)
• Laguna Park (Bus Stop No: B93039)
• Mandarin Garden(Bus Stop No: B93029)
• Neptune Court(Bus Stop No: B93019)
• Christ Methodist Church (Bus Stop No: 92151)
• Bus stop after Dunbar Walk (Bus Stop No: 93051)
• Crescendo Building (Bus Stop No: 93071)


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