Diamonds – A woman’s best friend

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Being a diamond lover myself, i thought everyone should have some knowledge on diamonds to determine the quality and its pricing. Let me share with you the basic fundamentals of looking at diamonds and knowing the quality of it before hastily rushing to pay for that bling you see through those window panels!

Diamonds have what we call the 4Cs. These are important guide to a diamond quality. Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity. I’ll briefly share what these 4Cs mean;

CARAT: It refers to the weight and size of the diamond. It doesn’t always mean that the bigger the carat, the more expensive it will cost. There are many variations and factors to determine the cost.

COLOUR: Being the most visual, colour is the most important characteristic in a diamond. The colour gradient scheme for diamonds starts at D, and runs all the way through the alphabet till Z. And, D being the purest diamond with no colour at all, and Z being distinctly yellow to brown. Of course, being colourless and pure, the D coloured diamonds are the rarest and most valuable.

CUT: This refers to the shape of the diamond. One of the most popular cut will be round diamonds as they give the best brillance. Some examples of other shapes include, Princess, Emerald, Hearts and Marquise.

CLARITY: As the word explains itself, it determines how flawless a diamond is. Experts determine the size and number of imperfections within each stone and grade using some classification codes like Flawless (FL), Internally Flawless (IF), Very Very Small Inclusions ( VVS1 or VVS2 ), Very Small Inclusions (VS1, VS2 ), etc.

And lastly, the Gemological Institue of America (GIA) certification that comes along with the diamonds. This certification determines the diamond standard as not a single piece of diamond is identical.

So ladies out there, i hope you gain something useful from my sharing and you probably know what colour diamonds you should be asking from your partner from today onwards!  :)

And men out there, i’m sure that you are able to choose the best diamonds for your loved ones!!!

Do share my blog guys! Sharing is always caring…………….. :)

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