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Ayden Seanady Wong
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wpid-img_20140822_2.pngwpid-img_20140822_1.pngAyden got a new Superman suit from my godma, his grand godma, Sarah again! Simply because he goes “man man man” everytime i say “get changed Ayden! We are going out….” Its means he wants to put on his Superman outfit. Godma saw this and bought it for him form Malaysia. Pardon the pants as it’s way too long for him. He needs to grow much taller to fit in that length. So i’d to fold them up so that he won’t trip when he runs! Yes, he runs… he doesn’t walk apparently….  ;)  Another picture of him dozing off. He looks too cute with that “red underwear” outside while he sleeps, so i cannot resist but to snap a shot of him sleeping. He looks like he just KOed from saving the world doesn’t he? LOLZ…

Kids are really adorable, seeing them imitate a character. I guessed everything in life can be taught. Say for example, Superman. I told Ayden that Superman saves the world! He’s a great man who sacrifices himself to save people who needs help. And that he can be someone useful when he grows up too. Obviously, i don’t know if he really gets what i mean but i believe it will set him thinking and hopefully when he grows up, he can understand more.

Children being children.. they learn so fast! And from my observation of my 22 month old, he seems to have a photographic memory! Or rather it applies to most infants his age… Ayden remembers things we taught him. So i really enjoy talking to him eventhough he might not understand what i say but i believe he does somehow. :) I urge parents to talk more to their children too. They can understand, do not underestimate them!

I remembered when i was pregnant with Ayden in my tummy, I talked to him everyday! I told him that he must be a happy boy who smiles alot and that he’s coming to a beautiful family of a loving mummy and daddy who will love and take care of him. He cannot cry or fuss too much as that will make him a difficult boy. And he must grow up to be a good boy to mummy and daddy..

And to my astonishment, he really grew up a happy boy who smiles so much and he’s definitely not a fussy boy who loves to cry! Isn’t that amazing? Call it coincidence, but i think otherwise. So i truly believe they do understand somehow… Maybe i should blog about my ways of parenting 1 day too.. Hee…

Anyone who wish to share some thoughts about how your child reacts from your parenting methods, please do share. Let’s all learn together and make our future generation a more promising one!


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