How to appear well-groomed and impressive

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Being well-groomed and attractive

Adelyne Velvet - Dress wellIt’s not always the branded clothes that make one look well-groomed and classy. There are many ways to look as good without emptying your wallets. Imagine, isn’t it a great feeling to get a bargain when an item looks much richer than what the price tag indicates? And the many other factors which we can inculcate in our daily lives to bring out the best in us!

Hope these tips help….. :)

1. Social Etiquette

There’s a reason why such classes are always in demand, and that’s because women want to learn how to carry themselves well in public. It’s really important to check the way you walk, your posture etc. There are many aspects to what constitute good social etiquette and the basics always include sitting upright and not slouching, do not talk when there’s still food in your mouth and yawning with mouth wide opened and uncovered is not allowed! When you talk to someone, always look into their eyes. These are basic manners one should know. The person will feel that you are being disrespectful when you don’t. Of course not forgetting having good hygiene. Do not blow your nose when you are having your meal. Do not wipe your mucus on your clothes. And please do not burp!

2. Face it!

Even if you don’t feel like your wardrobe looks like a million bucks, put on that smile! It goes a long way and brightens your face! Always apply a little makeup and trust me, that will really make a difference. I would strongly recommend applying blusher, mascara and a gloss. These add colors to your face and make your features show. Remember, the key is to keep the makeup light and simple. Do not wear heavy foundation and with bright lipstick. Looking natural and elegant with the right shade and application of blush and lipstick will be great.

3. Confidence is key

This is one of the most important aspect of looking attractive! It is what sets a classy woman apart from an arrogant woman.Confidence is the fundamentals, without it, you cannot live as a true classy woman. Confidence means not having to play miss-nice all the time just to get others’ approval, no need to impress people, and certainly not putting others down and elevating oneself. It means being sure of your value and worth as a great woman no matter what people say.

A classy woman will definitely know how to bring out her femininity in her. She will have her own opinions and thinking and is never afraid of  speaking up at the right time, but also knows when is the appropriate time to step back and tone down.

4. Wear clothes that fit well

Looking slim and sexy is not about wearing super fitted clothing! It can be horrendous seeing a beautiful woman in skin-tight dresses, breasts hanging out, and the flap around the waist or back due to tight clothing . If something in your wardrobe is too small but you simply love it, you should keep it until it does fit and find something to wear in the meantime. Clothing with comfort not only make you look better but feel better too. Classy women don’t let it all “hang out”! If something in your wardrobe is too small but you love it, keep it and only wear them when you can. Put on something else instead.

5. Having good manners

A well-mannered lady is always a classy woman. She will greet in a friendly manner and she’s always generous with her smiles. She never fails to say ‘sorry’, ‘please’, ‘thank-you’ and ‘welcome’ at the appropriate time. Never be loud! Talk softly and womanly. The key here is to avoid being rude and inconsiderate to others.

6. Accessories working for you?

Whether they are shades, shoes, earrings, belts, scarves, or handbags, you should find the ones that suit you best and you can buy many at low-cost shops. The key is to dress up a wardrobe in as many different ways as possible without blowing your budget. The best thing to do is buy all sorts of accessories for as little as you can. These keep your wardrobe interesting by adding color, texture, shape, and bling! You will be surprised how these Hollywood stars do! Exactly what I mentioned… :)
The best tip is to wear something with one or two accessories maximum! Please do not over do it, you might end up looking like a christmas tree! Even a casual outfit like jeans and tank top goes well with pretty scarves and cute heels.

6. Authenticity

A classy woman is a carefree person and she can be herself. She will laugh when she’s happy, cry when she’s sad, empathize with others who are going through pain and sings when she feels like it. She’s never pretentious and knows how to enjoy herself and embraces life with a positive outlook. A lady who doesn’t display fake emotions, that is what a classy woman is all about.

7. Shop in bargain stores!

I can’t tell you how many things I’ve been able to get for myself in such stores. I’ll admit, you have to make some time to sift through a lot till you find a few keepers, but it is well worth it. Make sure there are no holes, or stains. If there is a small area that is inconspicuous and the item is a steal, by all means grab the item if you can fix it. Remember that it is how you carry it to make that item look “expensive”. It doesn’t really need to be expensive…

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