7 to dos on a daily basis by Adelyne Velvet

Diamonds a woman's best friend

Women tend to envy other women who look good and wonder how they can improve themselves to look better. I’m sharing some of what i do on a daily basis. Do a check list or follow my regime.

  1. Drink lots of water before breakfast in the morning. I drink about 250ml each day before starting my day. You can choose to drink more or at least a cup of water daily.
  2. Look in the mirror and smile widely the minute you wake up in the morning. I do this everyday so as to remind myself that i need to carry those smiles with me to have a beautiful day ahead of me.
  3. Say a little “THANK YOU” prayer when you first open your eyes in the morning. I do this to remind myself that i’m grateful God remembered to wake me up this morning. And that i’m healthy and feeling good.
  4. Remember those basic skincare. Personally, i apply quite a range of skincare to protect my skin. I’m using products from Specialized Essentials. A product from Japan. From their cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser, eye serum to their sunblock. And not forgetting their whitening mask which i apply before sleep, twice to 3 times a week. You can check with me on these products should you be keen. Just leave me a comment or email me.
  5. The right make-up. I’m pretty particular with make-up i used. I do not want to look “overly done up” especially if it’s just a everyday look. Unless of course i’m attending events which require thicker make-up. So, simple cosmetics like my Laneige BB Cushion and a little of my pink blusher. My face is done! Adding to my lash extensions and pretty lip colour, i’m all done for the day!
  6. Right clothes that suit your figure. Clothes do not need to be expensive to look good. It’s more of how you match to suit your build and figure. Always remember to flaunt your assets and hide those flaws! For myself, being a really petite lady, i tend to flaunt my legs to reveal more skin to make myself look taller and wearing platforms or high heels to elevate further. And i enjoy having different looks so i tend to try different styles of fashion. You can engage me as your consultant should you trust me and we can go shopping for clothes that suit you!  :)
  7. Beautiful hair. I’m a sucker for pretty tresses! I enjoy exploring DIY hairstyles. From bands to laces to clips and buns. You name it and i tired it. Having very thin and fine hair myself, it’s actually not as easy as those with thicker hair. It’s quite tough to hold my hair up because of its fineness. My best friend for beautiful hair has got to be my hairspray! My life saviour! I like volumised hair and the hairspray comes in handy! I’ll be loading more DIY hairstyles in my blog so stay tuned. So yes, never leave home with undone hair! Hair makes a grave difference in how one looks! Heed my advice ladies!!!

Yes! A beautiful day lies ahead of me each day! Remember those smiles on your faces too! Thanks for reading and may your day be a great one today!


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