10 Tips on making your husband a happier man

Singapore beauty and fashion blogger Adelyne Velvet - blog

Singapore beauty and fashion blogger Adelyne Velvet - blog

That man you exchanged wedding vows with is so much more than just a provider and a pair of useful hands around the house. He is the person who is always there to cheer you up when you are feeling low and to celebrate with, in good times or bad. A husband is your lover, your companion and a wonderful father to your children. I have to agree how blessed i am to be able to have my husband, Sean Wong as my companion, lover and that wonderful father to my son, Ayden.  But have you ever wondered how to maintain this relationship and make the family a happy and blissful one? Let me share 10 tips on making your husband a happier man.

1. Listening and agreeing

Listen attentively whenever he shares his thoughts or happenings. When your husband expresses an opinion or a thought, pay attention. This only shows that you respect him and his views. Apparently, this pleases a man. I will share my opinions with him when i can too. Communication between a couple is important.

2. His family should be as important

Ask his family over if you do not stay with your in-laws. Your husband’s parents mean a lot to him. So ask them over for a weekend dinner, you will be surprised how touched he will feel just by your loving gesture. It’s never good or healthy to have to choose between the wife or the mother!

3. His interests and hobbies

Appreciate his interests and likes. If your husband is into composing songs, praise what he has written, even if it isn’t that great. Or if he loves cooking, let the chef cooks his favourite dishes for the family and of course praising his tasty food! Your interest in his hobbies will give your husband a feeling of pride and that will make him happy.

4. Never nag at him

Try never to nag, if he does something you dislike, TRY your best not to. Rather, i believe in using the “reverse psychology” method, he will feel guilty instead!

5. Our appearance

Take care of our appearance is really important. Don’t let yourself go, just because you’ve been married for a long time. Your husband will be glad to know you still find him worth the effort and time it takes to appear well-groomed. And don’t you wished his friends would compliment and envy him of having that beautiful lady beside him? He would be so proud of you!

6. Who he is

Don’t try to change your husband into someone else, after all you married him for who he is. Love him for who he is.

7. His fantasies

Try asking him to share his fantasy and see if you can try it out – or at least a part of it. You may both end up laughing at the end of it, it doesn’t matter how the outcome is, your husband will be pleased to know you care about what he wants.

8. Buying stuff for him

Get your husband something he always wanted, but never got around buying it. Women love surprises, so do men. It’s always nice to receive gifts from the one you love. It doesn’t always need to be an expensive gift.

9. Whispering “I LOVE YOUs”

Find a quiet moment with your husband to whisper “ I love you” in his ears. Or at least once a day without fail. You can never say these three words too often and you can be sure, that every time you say it, it will make your husband remembers to love you again today.

10. Sexy Lingerie

Put on those sexiest lingerie and get ready for an intimate evening with your husband. He will be happy to know you still desire him as a lover. Which men doesn’t like sexy women?



There it is! It doesn’t take much to make your man a happier man right? Hope you enjoyed these these 10 tips on making your husband a happier man. Do share with all the women out there! Cheers!

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